Report on the work of the Association “Amedea” Pazarić for the year 2022


Dear and respected friends of the “Amedea” Association!

The year 2022 is already behind us, and on behalf of the members and users of various types of services of our association, I would like to inform you about last year’s activities, which we would not have been able to carry out if you had not helped us with your generous donations.

It was you who provided funds for our educational and humanitarian activities, as well as scholarships and financial support, which we carried out in the period from January 2022 to December 2022.

–      In the month of January, we paid a scholarship to a girl from Travnik, a student in the third year of secondary medical school, because she was suddenly left without a breadwinner. Her father died and she grew up without a mother.

–      We also enabled a girl from Sarajevo to continue her education in high school because her parents lost their jobs and the possibility of further financing.

–      In February, we paid scholarships for eight of our regular users, they are pupils and students from Stolac, Travnik, Rogatica and Sarajevo.

–      In the month of Ramadan, we paid for Ramadan packages through the association Radost from Sarajevo.

–      We joined the humanitarian action for the treatment of a young girl from Bugojno.  

–      With a monetary donation, we helped rebuild the house of a demobilized fighter from Fojnica.

–      In October, we paid scholarships for the new school year for eight of our scholarship recipients.

–      We financially supported the treatment of one member of our association and a little boy from Sarajevo.

–      We organized an educational and promotional trip to Trebinje, Stolac, Mostar, Verona (Italy). On these trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we got to know our beautiful homeland, and the trip to Italy was of a promotional nature, where we presented our cultural and historical heritage.

–      We joined the action initiated by our member in her school, collecting clothes, shoes and food items for children in need.

–      We financed the translation of a book from Bosnian to Turkish.

–      We have also set aside certain financial assistance for small business.

In the following period, scholarships will be paid according to regular scholarship agreements at the beginning of the second semesters, which would not be possible without your donations. We wish you health from the bottom of our hearts, which is essentially our greatest asset, and much success in your work!