Welcome to our site!

Association “Amedea” is a newly founded association that doughtily invites you to our membership. As a member of the association, you can choose whether you will be a service user, project promoter and participant or sponsor of our activities. In the text below, you can be informed about the basic activities of the association.
The Association “Amedea” is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary, non-political organization that, on the principle of free and voluntary membership of the Association, gathers members for the purpose of fostering and achieving the goals of the activity for which it was founded. The goals and activities of the Association have a wide range of activities, among which we highlight:
– work on creating conditions for scholarships for students;
– advocacy for the realization of humanitarian, educational, cultural, health, ecological, sports and other goals that serve the development and progress of society;
– organizing educational seminars and gatherings for the purpose of preserving spiritual, cultural, scientific and traditional values ​​in accordance with the Law.

We are looking forward to our cooperation and we are expecting you in the realization of our common goals!

Association “Amedea” president

Sabina Voloder Strinic